A bit about me

After careers in inkjet printing and internet music my current mission is to become proficient in bioinformatics.



March 2009 to present independent contractor and student

I developed the MySQL plant database, Google mapping code, javascript and html for native plant website, Calscape http://calscape.com/ I developed a Python/Django web utility to manage 23andme introductions and published to Heroku. Currently working on an improved method of phasing SNP data for a missing parent based on Whit Athey’s paper  www.jogg.info/62/files/Athey.pdf. 



January 2006 to February 2009 SVP Engineering for Slacker

I staffed the development team and created one of the most popular internet radio services in the US. I worked on the strategy with the CEO, created the development budget and product roadmap. I led the overall program management between the engineering groups (IT, content acquisition, web services, browser player, software player, hardware player and QA) as well as marketing, finance and outsourced development.



February 2003 to November 2004 SVP Program Management for Musicmatch

 I was responsible for all of the new product development and personally managed the successful new services of music downloads and music on demand. I prepared budgets, schedules, resource allocations, and facilitated the tradeoffs between product marketing’s requests and the abilities of the development organization. Musicmatch was purchased by Yahoo in October of 2004 for $160 million.


Feb 2002 to Present. VP & Operated Services Business Line Manager, Gemplus France.

 My final mission at Gemplus was to start a new business line, develop and challenge a business plan, organize the group, begin the first projects, and select my replacement before returning to the US. This was done in the time that I promised. Operated Services is running IT based solutions for the telecommunications operators that are related to GSM smart cards.


June 2001 to Feb 2002. R&D Director, Gemplus France

 I took over a department of about 40 software developers that was in trouble, with poor results and low morale. During that time had to quickly come up to speed in a new environment, new technology. I reduced the size of the group significantly, reorganized, aligned with other related departments in the organization, developed a vision, and made a part of the group into a successful startup within the company.


Feb. 1997 to June 2001. Co-founder, MusicMatch, Inc. San Diego

Created the original concept and prototype for the world’s first all-in-one music organization program; staffed the software development team; managed the software development through the release of version 2.0


Nov. 1995 to Jan. 1998. R&D software section manager. Hewlett Packard, Inc.  San Diego

Managed a group of 35 software developers; delivered software for the first low-cost color copier, scanner, and printer; reduced time to develop printer drivers by more than fifty percent


Oct. 1993 to Nov. 1994. R&D software section manager. Hewlett Packard, Inc. Barcelona

Responsible for all large format printer drivers; increased team from 8 to 20 software developers; transferred driver development from San Diego; organized the group and developed the vision and purpose; efficiently leveraged technology from other divisions


Jan. 1990 to Oct 1993. Engineering lead at Asymtek, Carlsbad, California

 Responsible for the electrical engineering from concept, design, implementation, and production support. Drastically reduced the time to design and produce printed circuit boards. Co-inventor of a new technology to increase fluid dispensing throughput by 5x.

Worked with the management team from initial startup until two years before the company was purchased by Nordson.


Mar. 1988 to Jan. 1990. R&D program manager. Hewlett Packard, Inc. San Diego

Managed development of all large format pen plotters; transferred development to Barcelona division; created the DesignJet series of large format printers by leveraging technology from low-cost inkjet products; secured HP’s status as the leader in large format printing


Mar. 1982 to Mar. 1988. R&D program manager. Hewlett Packard, Inc. San Diego

Managed and introduced the first color thermal inkjet printer; defined the product including Hewlett Packard's first three-color print cartridge; received a patent for thermal printhead control; wrote and published an article describing the product development




·         Numerous online classes from Coursera and Edx including; Johns Hopkins Data Science program, Rice University Fundamentals of Computing, Stanford Machine Learning, MIT Molecular Biology, UCSD Bioinformatics, Duke genetics, and many others.

·         UIC MS bioinformatics 2013-2014, no degree

·         Executive MBA Program for Scientists and Engineers from UC San Diego in 1989

·         MSEE from Stanford University in 1981

·         BSEE from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1978



Hobbies: Soccer, cycling, genealogy, travel

Languages: English, Spanish, French


Other Career Highlights:


Nov. 1994 to Oct. 1995. R&D section manager.  Hewlett Packard, Inc. Barcelona

Developed and introduced large format printers; recruited 15 new engineers from four different countries; leveraged Hewlett Packard’s CAD experience and technology into this emerging area


Sept. 1990 to Sept. 1993. Electrical engineering manager. Asymtek, Inc. Carlsbad, CA

Co-inventor on a patent for a new high-speed method of fluid dispensing; directed all aspects of product development from the idea phase, to specification, design, testing, and manufacturing support


Jan. 1990 to Sept. 1990. Consumables group manager. Hewlett Packard, Inc. San Diego

Responsible for manufacturing plotter pens, developing new consumable products, and purchasing; supervised manufacturing engineering team; managed 40 employees and $55 million in annual sales


Sept. 1978 to Feb. 1982. Hewlett Packard, Inc. San Diego. Many duties including:

·         Project leader for the electronics and firmware for the 7585A, the first E size pen plotter, and for its successor, the 7585B

·         Project leader for the electronics of HP’s first inkjet prototype

·         Firmware developer for inkjet prototype

·         Electrical engineering developer for dynamic RAM controller, ROM, high voltage power supply and I/O subsystems